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The typical tax fraud attorney or tax fraud lawyer you find online is likely to LOSE to the IRS 90 percent of the time. Robert Barnes is different. He wins.

Are you considering hiring a tax fraud attorney and trying to choose from one of the many tax fraud lawyers you are finding on Google? If so, you probably are either in the midst of an IRS criminal investigation or have been indicted on tax fraud-related charges. The information on this website will help you.

You are about to discover:

1. How and why the IRS wins 90 percent of the time against the typical tax fraud lawyer.

2. How tax fraud attorney Robert Barnes has the highest known acquittal rate against the IRS — and summaries of his high-profile cases including his defense of Wesley Snipes, Joe Banister, Jerry Marchelletta, Joe Francis and Vernie Kuglin.

3. Why Robert Barnes wins.

4. Why hiring a “former federal prosecutor”or a “former IRS Special Agent” may be a horrible mistake.

5. The unique tax fraud defense strategies you can use to protect yourself  whether or not Robert Barnes is the right tax fraud attorney for you.

6. What will happen when you call or email Robert Barnes for a free consultation.

But first, do you need help right now?


  • Have you received a letter from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID)?
  • Have IRS Special Agents and federal marshals armed with guns stormed your home or business?
  • Have you been indicted or arrested?
  • Have you been convicted of tax fraud or tax evasion-related charges and need to appeal your conviction?

Do NOT talk to ANYONE  before contacting us (or another attorney with deep experience in criminal tax fraud cases.) The IRS agents’ sole motivation is to make sure you are indicted and found guilty. They WILL use anything you say against — even things that you think are helpful to you. Anything you say to colleagues or friends can result in them being dragged into court to testify against you.

Call us at (213) 330-3341 now.

Robert Barnes’ office is in Los Angeles but he may be in other time zones in the United States or overseas, so you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will either answer or usually get back to you within a few minutes.

If you are not in immediate trouble, you are about to discover some shocking statistics about the IRS and what the IRS, its agents, federal prosecutors, and many other attorneys would rather you do not know.

Robert Barnes is the attorney “who saved Wesley Snipes from growing old in prison” with a “remarkable acquittal record” in felony cases. Barnes’ “stunning” defense of Snipes was a deafening “defeat for the Justice Department.” — Condé Nast Portfolio, “Taxman Beware,” October 15, 2008

Please note that as of today, IRS records indicate that 5,125 people — maybe even you — are facing IRS criminal investigations for tax fraud and related charges. Robert Barnes can only represent a handful of the them because he does almost 100 percent of the work himself. This is one reason for his unmatched success rate on tax fraud cases but also why he shares so much information on this website. Please keep reading to discover how to protect your freedom, financial future and family. Keep reading.

Here is how much trouble you may be in…


The IRS places at least one innocent individual under IRS criminal investigation for tax fraud or related charges every day. Who says so? The IRS in the statistics it provides to Congress. So it is shocking that the IRS still has an incredibly high success rate against MOST tax fraud lawyers.

  • Once the IRS gives a case to the grand jury, it gets an indictment 99 percent of the time against most other lawyers;
  • Once the IRS indicts, it wins at trial more than 90 percent of the time against most other lawyers;
  • Once the IRS gets a conviction at trial, the IRS gets a prison sentence longer than a typical violent criminal will serve;
  • Once the IRS secures a conviction, it wins on appeal more than 90 percent of the time against most lawyers;
  • Once the IRS goes to fines and penalties, it obtains big tax charges, then double and even triple the tax through fraud penalties, fines and interest.

We will cover some possible reasons “WHY” this happens in a minute…

…but, first, let’s compare that record with Robert Barnes’ record of success and look at a few of his famous tax fraud cases that resulted in “shocking defeats” for the IRS.

Snipes faced “16 years in prison” until Barnes’ defense led the jury to “clear Snipes of serious tax charges” in the third client of Barnes’ who obtained a stunning “major case” where the Department of Justice “failed to win convictions.” — The New York Times, February 2, 2008, “Wesley Snipes Cleared of Serious Tax Charges”


Tax fraud attorney Robert Barnes has an unparalleled record of success in defending clients against tax fraud charges — and for the “right” reasons which we’ll discuss later.

  • Most Robert Barnes clients facing an IRS Criminal Investigation never face an indictment for tax fraud;
  • Most Robert Barnes clients facing a jury trial on tax fraud charges win acquittals at trial;
  • Most Robert Barnes clients facing a sentencing from a tax fraud conviction never serve a long prison sentence;
  • Most Robert Barnes clients who appeal a tax fraud conviction and sentence win release pending appeal and then win their appeals to higher courts;
  • Most Robert Barnes clients facing a fraud, fines and penalty allegations from an IRS criminal investigation pay far less what the IRS tries to take from them.

Note that to be accurate we have to say “most clients,” since specific statistics would require us to reveal confidential details of cases and clients. But, as you will see in the public record of famous cases — even when the IRS threw everything it had at our clients — Barnes still won.

Against tax fraud attorney Robert Barnes, the IRS has faced “shocking” defeats in cases legal observers were “positive” the IRS should have won…

“Snipes wanted lawyers with a high success rate in criminal tax cases,” so he chose Robert Barnes. – The Hollywood Reporter, “Snipes Tax Trial Delayed,” October 11, 2007


There is no question that Robert Barnes has been responsible for winning more high-profile, tax fraud-related cases in the last 10 years than any other tax fraud lawyer. Here are just five of them that made national news. Note that full details including news coverage and court documents are available on this site.

Tax fraud attorney Robert Barnes is thanked by Wesley Snipes following the “not-guilty” verdicts on all felony charges. Contact Robert Barnes directly at (213) 330-3341 if you’ve been contacted by the IRS, indicted, arrested or convicted of tax fraud-related charges.

Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes faced 16 years in federal prison, fines of more than $40 million and the end of his career. Most pundits and tax attorneys called it the “unwinnable case in the impossible place.” It was — until Robert Barnes devised a “unique” and “ingenious” legal strategy. The result? Wesley Snipes was acquitted on all felony charges, all fraud charges and all conspiracy charges.

Joe Francis
Hollywood producer Joe Francis was indicted on multiple tax evasion counts and faced a 10-year federal prison sentence with $20 million in fines. Robert Barnes changed the playing field by fully investigating, discovering and documenting the government witnesses’ lies. Barnes sued the former CFO of the company who had allowed mistakes on the tax returns. The result? Joe Francis faced no prison time and a $2,500 fine. Would you rather pay the IRS $20 million or $2,500?

TMZ called Barnes “Shakespeare Gone Wild” in his “must read” trial court complaint in a suit “that reads like a novel. — TMZ, July 28, 2008.

Hollywood Star
A Hollywood star was accused by the IRS of fraud and hiding millions in offshore accounts. He faced a 15-year federal prison sentence and bankruptcy. Robert Barnes unveiled the government’s complicity with a well-connected billionaire political insider and launched a full attack. The result? The Hollywood star was freed, avoided bankruptcy and got his money back. Would you rather serve 15 years in prison or have your freedom?

Joe Banister
When IRS agent Joe Banister turned against the corruption of the IRS — the IRS turned against him charging him with conspiracy and fraud. Facing 10 years in prison, Banister hired Robert Barnes who relentlessly attacked the corruption of the IRS and gave a brilliant closing argument inspired by the movie The Sting. The Result? Joe Banister gained his freedom and cleared his good name.

Attorney Robert Barnes representation was “superb” in defending me. – Joe Banister, former IRS agent acquitted of all felony charges.

Jerry Marchelletta
Jerry Marchelletta and his father had just been convicted of multiple tax fraud-related charges and were facing the tearing apart of their close family and the bankruptcy of the $40 million drywall business they built from scratch. They faced the toughest, most pro-government federal appeals court in the country. Robert Barnes’ appeal detailed the way these two innocent men were railroaded by a perjured government agent and a campaign of lies. The result? They were awarded complete and full reversals of all charges and got their lives back.

Special Note: Did you see news coverage of how hip hop artist Lauryn Hill was indicted on tax-evasion charges? She hired a former federal prosecutor as her attorney and “settled” very quickly with the IRS. Her lawyer was one of the attorneys that Robert Barnes beat in the Wesley Snipes case. Remember this story when you get to section four of this article about “Why to avoid hiring a former federal prosecutor or IRS special agent as your defense attorney.”


So why did these clients win with Robert Barnes as their tax fraud attorney? Every case is different, but there are several aspects to be aware of right now.

First, as you will see later on in this article, Robert Barnes has literally “written the book” on IRS Criminal Investigation defense – from the perspective of a tax fraud lawyer who has actually won cases covered by national news media – cases where the IRS had its credibility at stake and poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into trying to obtain convictions or uphold appeals.

You stay out of jail only when you and your attorney are tougher than the IRS. You can call tax fraud attorney Robert Barnes at (213) 330-3341 now.

Second, unlike many tax lawyers who specialize or who do almost all of their business in “civil” (not criminal) tax audit work or tax court, Robert Barnes has a wealth of experience in tax court, IRS criminal investigations, AND criminal defense in FEDERAL court trials. Whatever your attorney does in one area WILL impact the next or previous stage, so you need someone with a broad range of experience and significant experience in the criminal tax fraud defense arena.

As Barnes says in an educational video series available soon on this website and his book, “The IRS Criminal Investigation Process from A to Z: How to Overcome the IRS By Asserting Your Civil Rights.”

Even if you are early in the civil tax court or IRS criminal investigation stage, the IRS is much more likely to back down when Barnes lays out how the IRS has a less than 90 percent chance of conviction to all the government officials that need to approve a tax fraud investigation, indictment and trial.

Third, Robert Barnes doesn’t like bullies and does not play golf with, cozy up to or care about what U.S. government attorneys, prosecutors, IRS agents or even other lawyers think about him. He isn’t ever going to run for political office and doesn’t back down under pressure or cut deals that are not in the best interests of his clients. Not only are his strategies “brilliant” and “outside the box,” he understands that you can only defend yourself against the IRS successfully when you are tougher than the IRS.

This is in direct contrast to what typically happens when you hire a “former” IRS special agent or federal prosecutor…


You’ve probably seen the ads on Google or websites where lawyers tout themselves as “former IRS special agents” or “former federal prosecutors” or as being “certified by the IRS.” Ask yourself this, “If you were dealing with the Inquisition 400 years ago, would you go ask someone who had been an inquisitor for the last 50 years, 20 years, 10 years, or five years, to help defend you against an inquisition that they believe in?”

Of course not. But here’s an example of what happens — the bottom line — on how IRS special agents, prosecutors and tax attorneys are part of the same incestuous system. It’s similar to the revolving door in government where politicians become lobbyists.

The example…

Step 1. An IRS audit or IRS whistleblower uncovers the possibility (not the reality) that you may owe a lot of money, say, $100,000, and calculates that with penalties and fines you could pay as much as $400,000.

Step 2. The case is referred to an IRS Special Agent who gets approval to launch an investigation and bangs on your door with federal marshals who search your house and threaten you with that $400,000 number and 40 years in prison.

Step 3. You go online and unfortunately hire a “former” IRS special agent or “former” federal prosecutor who is now a defense attorney but who was indoctrinated for years in the IRS prosecutors’ values and system.

Step 4. Your new tax fraud attorney goes to the IRS Special Agent or U.S. District Attorney — who they often know and who they often do business with — and “cuts a deal.”

The deal is probably a far better deal for them then for you! So, who really benefits in this example…

1. You pay the IRS $100,000 — so everyone up and down the IRS’s bureaucratic ladder is happy. You aren’t happy but feel that at least you avoided paying $400,000 and prison time. (No one told you, you could have paid ZERO and were probably not in danger of any jail time IF you had the right legal defense.)

2. The “whistleblower” and his attorney collect 30 percent, or $30,000, so they can run more ads on Google to encourage CPAs to rat out their clients and then shift all blame onto their clients.

3. The IRS Special Agent gets a “big win” that qualifies him for a promotion.

4. The lawyer who was supposedly “YOUR” attorney gets paid $30,000 by you for cozying up to his former colleagues and golfing buddies.

Remember that the IRS admits it launches a criminal investigation against one innocent person a day AND that the IRS would likely NOT win 90 percent of the time if those people (and you?) had the right defense strategies from the beginning.

When hiring a tax fraud attorney your results will often depend on…

finding someone to help who sees the world through your perspective. Someone who understands how the government operates but isn’t susceptible or vulnerable to government perspective.

As Robert Barnes says in his book, “The IRS Criminal Investigation Process from A to Z: How to Overcome the IRS By Asserting Your Civil Rights.”

“What happens when you hire a former IRS agent to defend you against the IRS? You get an IRS perspective. You don’t give your perspective. That leads to them not asserting rights that you have, not asserting remedies you have and not seeking relief that you would be entitled to because they don’t have your perspective and your best interest at heart. They see the world through IRS and government eyes.”

The same thing happens with a government of former-government-prosecutor-turned-criminal-defense-lawyer. Too many of them see the world through the government’s eyes. The effect of that is that when it comes to accusing the government of misconduct, they don’t see it, don’t want to see it — or even if they do see it they won’t bring it up because they don’t rock the boat. They don’t want to upset their former allies or offend people they used to work with.

The government is not going to do them any favors simply because they used to work for the government. But they will do the government favors against you because they used to work for the government. This is what tends to happen when former government people are representing you against the government. They see the world through government eyes and not your eyes. That leads to problems that inhibit their ability to effectively defend you and get you the best outcome that you need and deserve.

You can contact Robert Barnes now at (213) 330-3341

Let’s go back specifically to the case of Jerry Marchelletta and his father …

Why were they were convicted in the first place and how did Barnes ensure their convictions were reversed on appeal?

First, they were wrongfully accused of committing various tax crimes, but the first lawyers they hired were former government lawyers. What did these “former government lawyers” NOT do?

  • They did not investigate whether government misconduct had taken place.
  • They did not accuse the special agents or prosecutors of doing bad things even when they had reason to believe they were doing bad things.
  • They did not bring it before the jury’s attention.
  • They did not bring it before the judge’s attention.
  • They did not bring it before the appeals court’s attention.

What was the result of this inaction by “former government lawyers?”

1. A father and son who were completely innocent of any criminal conduct were charged, indicted, convicted, and almost sent to prison for multiple years with their business bankrupted and fines in the tens of millions.

2. Their business suffered forfeitures and losses of hundreds of millions of dollars.

3. Hundreds of ordinary families and individuals lost their jobs.

When Robert Barnes recognized government misconduct, investigated the government agents’ misconduct, and presented that misconduct in the right way at the right time to the appeals court, the most pro-prosecution circuit court in the country reversed all the charges. That freed Jerry and his father from facing prison time and paying enormous fines and penalties.

Don’t let yourself be convicted because of government misconduct and an attorney who has been indoctrinated for most of his professional life by the government’s perspective.

Carefully consider whether you should take the advice of a “former federal” agent or prosecutor no matter how nice they might seem. Beware claims that “we know the system” and “the people in it” and “how to get you a deal.” You will never ever get a break from the government, because the government likes you or your attorney. If you hire a “former,” your chances of being investigated, prosecuted, and convicted will very likely increase until you may become one of that 90 percent who are convicted by the IRS.

Ready to Protect Yourself. Call (213) 330-3341 or continue reading to discover the specific strategies that can help you win.

Note that Robert Barnes’ success rate as a tax fraud attorney is also because he does almost 100 percent of the work on his clients’ cases — himself. And, by choice, he exclusively represents only a handful of the 5,125 people who are under IRS criminal investigation at this time. Obviously, a quick phone call to Robert Barnes does not mean you will be subjected to any pressure like you might with a “churn and burn” firm — but it might save your life.

5. How to Defend Yourself From Tax Fraud Investigation, Prosecution, Conviction and Sentencing

This “tax fraud attorney” website page gets dozens of visitors per day. Some visitors are facing criminal charges and time in prison, bankruptcy and the loss of their reputation. Are you? Many of them are either in the IRS audit or tax court processes and are worried about possible tax fraud investigations. Other visitors are concerned about their family, friends or colleagues — or are law students and other tax fraud attorneys who are seeking the best possible expert education and advice.

For a limited time, Robert Barnes is offering most visitors FREE Access to a downloadable 100+ page PDF or the online version of “The IRS Criminal Investigation Process from A to Z: How to Overcome the IRS By Asserting Your Civil Rights” in the password-protected area of this website.

You can call (213) 330-3341 to request a copy or access the online version ANONYMOUSLY by subscribing to the BarnesLawLLP website using an email address.

Here are the topics…
The IRS Criminal Investigation Process from A to Z: How to Overcome the IRS By Asserting Your Civil Rights

1. One Innocent Person Each Day
2. Risks You Face

3. What Is Tax Evasion?
4. What is Tax Fraud?
5. What Is a False Return?
6. Conspiracy to Defraud
7. Felony and Misdemeanor Charges & Penalties Summary

8. IRS Criminal Investigation Introduction
9. An IRS Criminal Investigator Contacted Me
10. IRS Criminal Investigation Process Summary
11. How to Find Out Now If Are You Under Criminal Investigation

12. Sources of an Investigation Summary
13. Review of Your Tax Returns
14. Fraud Referrals
15. IRS Whistleblowers
16. Grand Jury
17. CPA – Sells You Out
18. Special Agent

19. IRS Special Agent
20. Supervisory Special Agents
21. Special Agent in Charge
22. Criminal Tax Counsel
23. Who is the United States Attorney?
24. Assistant United States Attorney
25. Department Of Justice
26. IRS Tax Division

27. Secret Audits
28. IRS Secret Criminal Investigations
29. IRS Criminal Investigations Disguised as Audits

30. IRS Criminal Investigation & Your Civil Rights
31. How to Assert Your Right to Privacy

32. How to Keep the IRS Agent Honest
33. Immediately: Did the IRS Act Too Soon?
34. Did the IRS Break the Rules in Getting Information?
35. What to Do During First Contact from an Agent
36. IRS Required Warnings and What They Really Mean
37. How to Challenge an IRS Summons
38. IRS Subpoenas
39. Computer Record Seizures
40. Asset Seizures
41. IRS Informants
42. Special Agent Witness Interviews
43. How to Protect Yourself During the Grand Jury Process
44. What to Do If You Are Called As a Grand Jury Witness
45. How to Use Process Privileges to Defend Yourself
46. Marital Privilege
47. Attorney Client Privilege
48. Joint Defense Privilege
49. Fifth Amendment Privilege
50. If Your or Someone Else is Offered Immunity

51. IRS Criminal Investigation Can I Stop an Indictment?
52. Can a Special Agent Indict You?
53. How to Assert Your IRS Criminal Investigation Process Conference Rights
54. Special Agent Conference
55. Special Agent Report
56. Special Agent in Charge Conference
57. Tax Division
58. Will I Get Charged or Will I Get Indicted

59. Arrest
60. Extradition – Overseas Arrest
61. How to Get Bail and Stay Out of Jail

62. What is the Jury Trial Process?
63. How Avoiding Taxes Is NOT a Crime
64. Attack Government Misconduct & Prove Your Innocence
65. Attack IRS Agent Misconduct
66. Challenge the Legality of the Search Warrant
67. Assert Your Right to Discovery
68. Assert Your Right to Reliance
69. Good Faith Defense
70. Make the IRS Prove Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

71. If Innocent: How to Sue the IRS
72. If Found Guilty: How to Avoid Harsh Sentencing
73. How to Appeal Your Conviction
74. Asserting Your Right to a New Trial

75. What You Should NOT Do Right Now
76. How to Choose an Attorney


Robert Barnes works exclusively with a very limited number of clients. Unlike many business law attorneys who work in firms where politics runs rampant and partners play golf while fresh-out-of-law school associates do the work, Barnes invests his total focus on your case. Barnes Law’s team of forensic experts use CIA investigation and FBI analysis technologies and strategies to help you avoid indictment and prison time.


When you call Barnes Law’s office about an issue related to tax fraud or evasion, tax fraud attorney Robert Barnes will personally review your situation, often during a 30-minute phone call. If accepted as a client, you can expect the entire Barnes Law team to be available to do whatever it takes to protect you and your family.