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IRS Investigation



The knock on the door. The letter in the mail. The summons to appear. The subpoena to the grand jury.

Are you facing an IRS criminal investigation? You can find out now by filing a form that most people do not know about (call (213) 330-3341 to learn more.) If you are, do you have anything to worry about? Unfortunately, yes. And here’s the worst part — it’s the innocent, those who never acted with any kind of criminal intent, who face the worst risk.

Even before and without an indictment, a mismanaged IRS criminal investigation can:

  • lead to lawless raids on your home or business;

  • put your name in court as under investigation;

  • cause your property or business assets to be threatened with seizure;

  • result in friends or family hauled into a grand jury; and

  • mean that customers and business opportunities fade before your eyes.


If you are in this situation, then, with most other attorneys by your side, when the IRS special agent requests to present an indictment by the grand jury, which the agent does so 99 percent of the time, you are likely to be:

  • arrested in front of family;

  • reported on in the media;

  • jailed because of dubious bail requirements;

  • have contracts cancelled, customers lost, employees turned against you;

  • have investigations opened against family, friends, and colleagues as leverage against you;

  • face a public trial before a jury that may be poorly selected;

  • pay double or triple the tax the IRS alleges to be due in fines and penalties; and

  • you can spend years in a high security prison.

It’s no wonder that when Robert Barnes is NOT the tax attorney representing someone who is under IRS criminal investigation – the IRS criminal investigation special agents win 90 percent of the time at a jury trial in federal court.

That means that 90 percent of the time, people are found guilty of crimes, face severe fines and are thrown in federal prison for many years.

“I went through many lawyers before I luckily found Robert Barnes. No one had the success rate he’s had. Why rely on what an attorney says they can do when you can get help from an attorney with an extraordinary record of wins? And one who is completely dedicated to you and your family.” A client who won his complete freedom even after indictment.


You don’t have to face the full force of the IRS bent on convicting you. There is hope. Robert Barnes’ clients tell the story of his exceptional record against IRS criminal investigations. Best known for wins in IRS criminal investigation cases including full felony acquittals for Wesley Snipes, full felony acquittals for Joe Banister, and no-prison-time dispositions for Joe Francis and countless others…

Robert Barnes has one of the highest known acquittal rates of any criminal tax defense attorney in the country’s history, while most of Barnes’ clients achieve their success without ever facing a trial or a day in jail.

No one case guarantees the outcome of any other in an IRS criminal investigation. But, a resume of results matters. Here are some facts to give you hope that you can stop an IRS criminal investigation, prevent indictment, safeguard your assets, money and property from undue seizure, and protect yourself from years in prison:

  • Most of Barnes’ clients who retained Barnes after they were put under IRS criminal investigation have never been indicted;

  • Most of Barnes’ clients never spent a day in prison;

  • Most of Barnes’ clients who were under a conviction from an IRS criminal investigation who retained Barnes for an appeal won important successes on appeal;


Robert Barnes is so successful as a tax attorneybecause of:

  • his unique insights and strategies in defense of his clients;

  • his unusual crossbred areas of practice, where each area of practice expands and better enables him to assist clients in each area of practice;

  • a practiced and experienced understanding of the unique issues implicated in IRS criminal investigations; and

  • fearlessness in exposing the bad intentions and wrongful conduct of IRS criminal investigation special agents, federal prosecutors, or anyone in the government who treats you wrongly.

You deserve to win. Shouldn’t you have a lawyer who feels the same way? Barnes represents a very limited number of clients and unfortunately, every year, people who do NOT call this number, right now – often end up losing life savings, businesses, families and their freedom.