Sessions Did NOT Perjure Himself Under Oath

Some of the same liberal law professors and journalists who thought Hillary should be President after lying to Congress about hiding emails and who also praised Clapper’s “independence” after he repeatedly lied to Congress about NSA spying, now attack Attorney General Sessions under a bogus claim of “lying” to Congress. There is no basis to suggest Sessions committed any crime at all for doing his job as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee.

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On Trial: Five Signs Even The Ninth Circuit Knows Trump Will Win Travel Ban Fight In End

As trained appellate attorneys learn, a court’s opinion often gives away “tells” of the court’s own confidence, or absence thereof, in their opinion. Like a poker player at the table, some tells hide a weak hand. And few judicial “hands” are as weak as the Ninth Circuit’s opinion to let the Washington court’s stay on Trump’s immigration order stand.

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Seattle Judge is Wrong and Overreached With Nationwide Injunction on Travel Ban

Two different courts, on opposite coasts, ruled in opposite directions on Friday. A Boston federal court affirmed Trump’s executive order as “bona fide”; a Seattle federal court enjoined it. Both spoke to requests for “nationally” effective rulings. Can federal courts give conflicting directions to government employees? Did Homeland predict this in their screenplays?

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On Trial: Why Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Win Over Seattle Judge’s Nationwide Order

Opening Statement On Friday, a Boston federal judge issued a 21 page decision debunking the arguments against Trump’s Executive Order suspending migration from certain countries pending further review. Later that same day, a Seattle federal judge who has been making the news lately (and not usually for the most flattering of reasons), declared his oral intention to sign an order limiting some aspects of the executive order. In the courtroom, whose position is likely to ultimately win?

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Liberal Lawyers Will Lose Suit Against Trump; Constitution Does Not Ban Him From White House

Does anyone doubt that foreign government officials purchased books published by Barack Obama? My goodness, did Obama violate the emoluments clause? That is the extraordinary and unprecedented application of law a group of liberal lawyers masquerading as “ethics” lawyers (where were they during the Clinton Foundation?) urges in their proposed suit to be filed against President Trump today.

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