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Liberal Lawyers Will Lose Suit Against Trump; Constitution Does Not Ban Him From White House

Does anyone doubt that foreign government officials purchased books published by Barack Obama? My goodness, did Obama violate the emoluments clause? That is the extraordinary and unprecedented application of law a group of liberal lawyers masquerading as “ethics” lawyers (where were they during the Clinton Foundation?) urges in their proposed suit to be filed against President Trump today.

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Why Gloria Allred’s Suit Against Trump May Be Dismissed & Cost Her Client Legal Fees

Gloria Allred’s suit against Trump may be good for TMZ (and her publicity), but not so good for a courtroom (and her client). And, given that TMZ once compared my legal pleadings to “Shakespeare,” I harbor no ill will toward TMZ. The biggest problem Allred’s client faces is she may end up with a dismissed suit and stuck with Trump’s legal bill.

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