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Private Banking


In a financially unstable world, with unpredictable governments, your choice of a public or private bank can make the difference between protecting your life savings — or losing it all overnight.

  • Do you need a bank that will safeguard your assets?
  • Do you need a bank that will protect your privacy?
  • Do you need a bank that will keep your confidences confidential and act with discretion in your business plans?
  • Do you need to conduct business in a foreign country due to limited bank access?
  • Do you need an estate plan that protects against one country’s faults or one bank’s failures?


Barnes Law helps the financially successful keep a private profile and keep their hard-earned wealth firmly intact.

Barnes Law's unique insights and unusual aggregation of experience across crossbred areas of practice, private banking and asset protection involves detailed knowledge of constantly changing laws, regulations, institutions, banks, treaties and powerful decision-makers in dozens of countries across the world — as well as the United States’ treaties and agreements with all of those entities.

“The private banking world is full of corporate complicity in IRS investigations and corrupt guru scams. How can you tell who to trust?”


Robert Barnes’ unique insights can help protect you from unlawful seizures, safeguard your business secrets, guard your estate plan, immunize your assets from undue governmental invasions and from unlawful creditor actions. So what’s the difference between Barnes Law’s private banking services versus book knowledge, seminar training or general advice provided by a CPA?

Barnes Law’s insights derive from a unique skill set and unusual crossbred areas of practice and experience, witnessing business structuring from every side — from defending cases in court and recovering assets from fraudsters to planning for businesses so they never have to face their day in court nor are vulnerable to unlawful seizures or invasions of privacy by others.


When you call, Robert Barnes will personally review your private banking needs and current strategies. As one of the few private banking clients that Barnes works with each year, you’ll receive his focused attention toward ensuring your private banking problems disappear — or are prevented in the first place.