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Asset Recovery


Robert Barnes helps clients with asset recovery because — other than the experience of being convicted in court for tax evasion or another federal crime and losing your life savings to the IRS — there is no worse experience than realizing you’ve lost everything to fraud. Especially if the fraud was committed by someone you trusted. You might feel duped, dumb or lost. Don’t. Fraudsters are good at what do for a reason. Don’t get mad. Get your money back.

  • Are you feeling conned by a business partner you trusted or an “advisor” who stole your money?
  • Are you afraid your investment is now worthless?
  • Have your assets suddenly disappeared?
  • Are you afraid your life savings will never be restored?

Here’s a tough one: Are you afraid to try to recover assets, recover investments or recover money because of what might happen if the wrong people find out what you did? Don’t be.


Barnes Law can help you recover what is yours. As one of the top tax attorneys in the country, Robert Barnes may even help you obtain tax benefits to offset your losses. You can do so quietly, confidentially and effectively.

How does Barnes Law provide such effective asset recovery services? Well, how many asset recovery specialists do you know who have:

  • Contacts throughout the world in the most difficult-to-find locales;
  • A team of forensic analysts trained and experienced in employing CIA-style investigative techniques, FBI-like analysis and successful offshore asset recovery;
  • Investigators who know every getaway escape and foreign bank lobby and learn every nook and cranny of a fraudster’s habits and habitue;
  • Cutting-edge technologies such as asset-tracing tools, people-map databases and foreign corporate registries;
  • Unique knowledge of foreign law including Mareva injunctions, letters rogatory and civil depositions in aid of foreign litigation to the Caribbean courts of English equity.

These sound impressive, and there is a more basic and perhaps just-as-important distinction between Barnes Law and CPAs, private investigators, and others who are often hired to assist with asset recovery. Non-lawyers and others doing their work outside the attorney-client privilege can be subpoenaed and compelled to tell everything they know. In contrast, when you hire attorney Robert Barnes, all your communications AND the entire investigation are protected under the attorney-client privilege. This is critical to protecting your rights and keeping your position confidential from invasive and intrusive procedures.

“The IRS was attempting to prosecute us when it was our business partner who filed false returns and then hid the money overseas.”


You can even save money through the process! A unique benefit to hiring Barnes Law for asset recovery is that during the entire process, we can recover through tax deductions what was wrongfully taken from you while we seek and obtain recovery for you.

Take back the initiative, put yourself on the winning side, and recover what is yours, starting with a tax recovery that employs the benefit of the bad-debt deduction laws under section 166, the theft-loss deduction under section 165 and a wide range of other potentially applicable deductions for unrecovered time and moneys, including intangible property deduction capital loss deductions and similar, but often IRS-obscured, rights to deductions and refunds under the tax laws.