Trust Fraud

Protecting beneficiares from dishonest trustees


Trust Fraud

Trust fraud occurs when a trustee dishonestly conducts themselves, self-deals, or Deliberately Mismanages assets held in trust.

The Barnes Law team is a champion of the underdog and an established defender of beneficiary rights.  In recent cases, Robert Barnes and team lead trust litigation suits and has unabashedly defended beneficiaries against dishonest trustees and associated law firm partners.

As a trust beneficiary, you have the right to protect the assets in a trust from mismanagement or trust fraud.  The potential outcomes from suing a trustee of a trust vary from removal and replacement of a trustee to terminating a trust and recovering civil penalties.  

Delaying action can be the most costly decision a beneficiary can make.  If you are concerned about trust mismanagement, contact the Barnes Law team for a consultation, 213-330-3341.