Trust Litigation

Holding trustees responsible for fiduciary duties


Trust Litigation

Trust litigation occurs typically when a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries believe that a trustee failed to properly manage a trust according to the trustee’s fiduciary duty. There are 6 areas of responsibility for a fiduciary or Trustee:

  • Duty of Care

  • Duty of Loyalty

  • Duty of Good Faith

  • Duty of Confidentiality

  • Duty of Prudence

  • Duty of Disclosure


Breach of Duty

A breach of fiduciary duty can result in loss of trust or potentially a significant loss in monetary value for beneficiaries. Trust litigation may be the only means for resolution, especially in situations where a trustee is perceived to:

  • Fail to comply with the terms of the trust

  • Self deal or pursue the best interests of the trustee instead of the beneficiary

  • Mismanage or neglect duties

  • Act with hostility towards beneficiaries

Any of the above reasons will represent good cause for litigation, and suing a trustee for breach can help beneficiaries achieve the following goals:

  • Removal a trustee

  • Replacement a trustee

  • Reorganization of distribution or arrange proper distribution from a trust

  • Termination of a trust

  • Recovering civil penalties in the case of fraud or severe mismanagement

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