Federal Investigators Thank Cooperator By Choosing to Indict Him

Anthony Massaro helped put away Agape’s former owner and president for 25 years. One morning, Anthony Massaro woke up to a shock. He was indicted by federal prosecutors after he cooperated in an investigation. They brought federal charges against him in an alleged $400 million Ponzi scheme.

So why was it a shock?

Massaro helped the government put Nicholas Cosmo, Agape’s former owner and president, away for 25 years in a high-security federal prison. And how did the government thank Massaro for his plea and cooperation in this federal investigation?

By indicting him.

He thought that helping the government and fully cooperating would help him.

His lawyer said, “[Massaro] will plead not guilty because he is not guilty. He was fully cooperative with the government in its case against Nicholas Cosmo, so suffice it to say that these charges come as quite a shock.”

Welcome to the federal criminal justice system, where no good deed goes unpunished. Cooperating and helping criminal investigators in a federal criminal investigation can get you charged with a federal crime.