Right to Counsel in IRS Criminal Investigation

by Robert Barnes 


Throughout and at all times, your right to counsel in IRS criminal investigations includes the “right to be represented in tax matters” by
the legal counsel or authorized representative of their choice. See Internal Revenue Manual (8-­‐21-­-2006). This rule, like the others recited and referenced herein, is a formal directive deliberately communicated to the public to induce reliance thereupon, designed to protect taxpayers by setting a clear or uniform standard governing contact between Special Agents and the public, and intended to induce confidence in the integrity, fairness and impartiality of the tax system and its criminal enforcement. As such, it remains enforceable through the Fifth Amendment right to due process as it enforceable through the Fourth Amendment right to privacy of one’s papers and effects, and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel in certain proceedings as additionally applicable thereto. As important, the protection of this right insures confidence in the integrity of the investigation and fairness of the outcome of any such investigation.

A knowledgeable IRS defense lawyer can assert, help enforce, and guard your rights in the IRS criminal investigation process at many stages of the case before it gets too far. While the past cannot guarantee the future, it is a resume worth knowing when choosing your tax defense lawyer. Barnes Law enjoys a 90% success in preventing the government from imprisoning its clients even when only hired after a fraud audit or IRS criminal investigation has commenced, while protecting your privacy in the process. Choose wisely: your freedom, your future, and your finances often depend upon it.