Trustee Calls Judge’s Bankruptcy Filing Abusive While Lenny Dykstra Seeks Dismissal of Bogus Charges

Judge Otis Wright II of California’s Central District has filed for personal bankruptcy. Judge Wright is one of the more criticized judges on the federal bench for his punitive conduct toward those who come before him. Even more so, a U.S. Trustee initially found Wright’s bankruptcy petition to be “abusive,” a result the trustee suddenly reversed about 30 days later.

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Think the Trustee might have found out that Otis Wright was previously labeled “abusive” as a federal district court judge? Do you wonder if you would get the same generous treatment from the United States Trustee?


Ask Lenny Dykstra, who was questionably accused of bankruptcy fraud, how they treated him.

Read the complete report here:motion.dismiss.2012

Dykstra’s case shows a man trying to recover funds from the fraud committed against him. Will the federal judiciary be as fair to Dykstra as the trustee was generous to Judge Otis Wright?