Hollywood Actor Faces 16 Years in Prison

An Unwinnable Case in the Impossible Place

Problem: Indicted on eight counts, including several felony fraud and conspiracy charges, Wesley Snipes faced:

  • 16 years in federal prison;
  • fines of more than $40 million and a bankrupting effect on his financial position;
  • the potential end to his successful movie and film career;
  • a 90 percent chance of conviction on all counts.

Indicted in a conservative small town in the middle of rural Florida, a town with a long history of antipathy toward African-Americans, the case was dubbed by commentators the “unwinnable case in the impossible place.” Offshore odds-makers actually placed odds on the verdict, predicting a 90 percent chance of conviction on all counts, including the 16-year felony fraud count.

What changed: A few weeks before his original scheduled trial date, with no meaningful successful resolution by a broad group of prominent counsel, Snipes reached out and retained Barnes.

With a strategy labeled “unique” and “ingenious” by commentators, Barnes devised a trial defense that ensured a fairer jury pool, allowed favorable rulings on evidence, gave the jury important instructions, and featured effective, well-planned cross-examination. Barnes’s unique “staccatto” style of cross-examination caused a commentator to say “The last place I would want to be is on the stand with Bob Barnes cross-examining me."

Barnes defense offered jurors a simple and truthful narrative. In his closing argument, Barnes said, "The Liberty Bell my be cracked in Philadelphia, but it can still be heard in Ocala.”


  • Acquittals on all felony charges.
  • Acquittals on all fraud charges.
  • Acquittals on all conspiracy charges.
  • Acquittals on half of the misdemeanor charges.
  • No fine.
  • No fraud penalties.
  • Lower tax payments.

And a federal work camp for the remaining misdemeanor charges.

Snipes is scheduled to come to a theatre near you soon as the star of Spike Lee’s biopic on James Brown.

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