Government Blames Text-Deleter for Oil Spill

The government hasn’t charged anyone with the gulf coast oil spill until now, and whom did they blame? A low-level engineering worker named Kurt Mix from small town Katy, Texas. What did he do to deserve the government indicting him after a two-year federal criminal investigation? He didn’t keep all his iPhone texts. How is that a crime? The government calls it “obstruction of justice.” But Mix was under no apparent legal obligation, by subpoena or other judicial process, to keep all his iPhone texts. Did the government miss that Supreme Court ruling in Arthur Anderson? Arthur_Andersen_vs._United_States If shredding documents before the subpoena hits the door cannot constitute a crime, how can some lowly engineer deleting some texts on his iPhone be a federal crime? And why does this case feel like Mix is being made out to be the fall guy? In this failed federal criminal investigation, he is the only one facing charges of a federal crime.