Tax Law


Tax Law



What if you aren’t currently under an IRS criminal investigation but are simply being audited or defending yourself against the IRS in tax court?

  • Would you prefer that the IRS never open a criminal investigation against you in the first place?
  • Can a defense against the IRS during an audit process EARN you money?

Tax attorney Robert Barnes’ resume of clients tells the story of his exceptional record against certified notices from the IRS, the California Franchise Tax Board and California Board of Exchange. He can win for you in an audit, a notice of deficiency, a fraud penalty, a tax assessment, a notice of intent to levy — and in tax court.


By Wesley Snipes’ Attorney, Robert Barnes

In fact, most of Barnes’ clients who defended against audits, certified letters warning of audit or in federal tax court saved more money against the IRS than they ever spent in legal fees —  often obtaining a return of investment in Barnes of 200 percent or more. In fact, Barnes Law insights produced tax refund rights in the millions for Robert Barnes’ clients under audit — in other words, the client actually made money thanks to the audit and hiring Robert Barnes. Are you not sure which tax attorney you should hire? Consider this…

  • Against everyone else, the IRS’s audit and notice of deficiency lawyers win 86 percent of the time in tax court.
  • Against everyone else, IRS criminal investigation special agents win 90 percent of the time at a jury trial in federal court.

Not against Robert Barnes. Barnes Law wins favorable verdicts for his clients more often than not; and Barnes Law wins major reductions in taxes alleged to be due and owing in audits, notice of deficiency, and tax court more often than not. No attorney has been known to win at Barnes’ rate, a win rate a profile in Conde Nast called “extraordinary.” “At trial, the IRS wins its cases 90 percent of the time. But not when facing Robert Barnes.”


Rare insights and unique strategies that set him apart from anyone else; a devotion to clients that makes Barnes Law unafraid to publicly challenge corruption and unfair conduct by the government; unique crossbred areas of practice where experience in each area and unique success in that area better informs and enables representation in the other areas of practice; and a dedication to this area of unique law that requires time and experience to grasp, understand and apply for clients. At Barnes Law, Robert Barnes performs all the lawyer work himself for his tax clients — not any inexperienced associate or other lawyer. The IRS gets it wrong, and they get it wrong a lot. Don’t let them get it wrong with you. You earned your money. They didn’t.